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Welcome to my personal website, dedicated to sharing my photographic adventures with the wider public.

I’m an amateur photographer based in South Australia who tends to combine my passion for photography with other interests such as birdwatching and bushwalking. As a result my photography tends to focus on natural history subjects, with my interest in aviation and aviation photography being the only real exception to this.

All bird and animal photographs are of wild specimens in their natural environment unless otherwise clearly indicated as being of a captive specimen in the image description.

With the recent acquisition of new photographic equipment I’m in the process of trying to branch out and experiment more with various photographic techniques, subjects and styles, the outcomes of which I’ll share in the form of my “Image a Week (Project-52)” activities. A prime example of this would be the effective use of off-camera flash, one of my key weak points I wish to work on.

I’m a software engineer by profession, specialising in embedded and real-time systems. I have a number of home software projects in progress, primarily for the iOS and Mac OS X operating systems. Announcements will be made when the individual projects are closer to completion and have commenced beta testing.

Please don’t hesitate to Contact me if you have any particular questions, comments or wish to discuss anything.

You can also follow me (@snwau) on twitter.