Roulettes, Parked

A highlight of the Parafield Airshow for 2012 was the participation of The Roulettes, which are a Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) formation flying aerobatic team.

The last time I had the opportunity to see the Roulettes in action was at the RAAF Edinburgh airshow in 2007, so I was very much looking forward to the opportunity to photograph these aircraft during their performance.

Flying the Pilatus PC-9/A (a two seater variant build under license in Australia) the Roulettes display involved a number of aerobatic manoeuvres in various tight formations with smoke trailing from the aircraft. There are 6 Roulettes performing the display, however 7 Roulettes in total were on the ground at Parafield Airport, the 7′th is a spare aircraft.

A number of photographer’s with photographers passes were offered the opportunity to photograph The Roulettes performance from the first level balcony of the Air Traffic Control (ATC) tower. Which provided an awesome opportunity, offering a fresh perspective (angle) on the aircraft from an elevated view as they taxied past, directly in front of the tower towards the runway.

Roulette, Taxiing

Three of the Roulettes lining up on the runway, ready to take off in preparation for their display.

Roulettes, Lining up

Captured flying head-on in the wedge formation:

Roulettes, Head on

Performing an inner loop whilst maintaining the wedge formation:

Roulettes, Wedge Formation

Roulettes 5 and 6 flying break from the main formation to fly in mirror formation, which involves one of the aircraft flying inverted directly above the other.

Roulettes, Mirror Formation

The aerobatic display is concluded with the breaking of formation, the commencement of which is captured in the image below, as the outer Roulettes begin to roll out.

Roulettes, Breaking

A small subset of the Roulette images taken on the day are presented above, additional images will be uploaded to the Aerobatics Album as they are processed.