Welcome to my completely revamped website, which at time of writing is still very much in the early days of construction and is a work in progress.

My first priority is the customisation of gallery code and associated theme such that I can begin presenting my images on this site.  Once this is complete I’ll begin customising the sites overall theme.

The goal of this site is to consolidate my existing online galleries (snwau on: flickr and pBase), but also incorporate a blog detailing my photographic adventures and experiences, including a photo-blog (photo a week project – starting soon!) and other related information.

Over 12-months ago I had started a home project to roll my own PHP gallery, blog, etc. from scratch.  Whilst I made good progress and it was an interesting developmental exercise, I just never got the spare time to complete the project and deploy it into service.  I’ve just got too much on the go at the moment, so in 2011 I’ve decided to concentrate on just a couple of projects and quite possibly actually finish at least one :)

Well I best get back to my emacs window and get cracking on that gallery customisation.